NewsBits Section Highlights Hidden Family Gems

Most family history never makes the newspaper, so unless it is documented or passed down in oral stories, it can be lost. Even items that made the papers over the decades and centuries can be hard to spot. With that in mind, The Hanneman Archive has added a NewsBits page with a growing collection of “all the little news that was fit for print.”

Historic newspapers carried regular columns on what might be called “neighborhood news.” These items varied from who had dinner at whose house last night, to births in the family, to strange happenings like the poisoning of a farmer’s horses. We are fortunate, especially with our Hanneman and Treutel family lines, to have relatives who enjoyed reporting their comings and goings to the local paper. One of our favorites was when Donn Hanneman brought a tomato in to the offices of the Mauston Star in September 1942, showing the salad fruit seemingly had a V for victory grown into its skin. During World War II, patriotism was the order of the day.

Read more NewsBits and enjoy! We try to update the page weekly.

4 thoughts on “NewsBits Section Highlights Hidden Family Gems”

  1. Dear Sir
    I am looking for Relatives in the St Paul’s cemetery in Askeaton Wi.
    I noticed that you have a Cemetery map in your blog. Can you give me contact information to get a good copy of that map.


    1. If you are referring to St. Patrick’s, I did photograph the old block maps provided by the cemetery caretakers. I’d be happy to look at them for specific names. I can also look up the name and phone number of the caretakers. They can look up names in their card files.


  2. I have copied many many tidbits from the Vesper news in the Tribune and any news I could find which had any relatives or neighbors that I knew. I have pages and pages that need to be organized. You would never believe all of the pages I have. I started editing them a few years ago but that is as far as I got. It would take days and days to finish what I have started. I am still looking for the post cards on Sylvia but no luck so far, but I have only had little time to look. Just too damm busy now before the cold weather starts. I love reading all those tidbits from the news that people took the time to write in. It is marvelous and I could sit for hours upon end reading them. You find a lot of things that you never knew about that they put in the paper. Crazy. I just wish I could just sit and sit and go through everything I have. I hope the good Lord gives me time as I sure do need it. My kids would be over whelmed with all I have. And if I don’t get it put in order, they will never know what the heck I was doing. I would love to help you out with your fund but I am also over my budget in so many things that have come due now and had car problems (and still do) and the wire from the main box to the house had to be completely dug up and replaced and that sure was not cheap. Sure and glad I am back to work as now with winter there will be fuel bills and what not else that pop up. Life is expensive, I must say and everything just keeps going up and up. I am trying to get things together to send to you but want to find those post cards. One day I will after I get all the canning done, potatoes dug and outside stuff put away and leaves picked up. Now the rain will delay that outside work more. It’s the pits. I hope you don’t move as it is so nice to have someone that is interested in what I am doing and can help. And like I said I like your stories and wish I could help out. Get after Ginger and see if she is able to. Other wise, I hope you find some type of work that suits your talents to keep you going. You can always come down here and drive bus. Probably up there too. Ha Ha. The pay is not that great but it does help. Well that is all I have for tonight. Will talk again soon. Love Shirley

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    1. Shirley, you have helped this archive project more than anyone with photographs, documents, stories and other information. I could never put a price on that help. Like you, I have uncounted tidbits of information in the files. Every time I open my newspaper database, I find another little story that can be added to the NewsBits page. Like genealogy in general, it’s the project that never ends.


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