18 – The Governor who Healed the Sick

Many Europeans “of quality and wealth, particularly those who were non-conformists in religion” were attracted to the possibilities of the American Colonies. From Britain came John Winthrop, first Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony and founder of Boston. Governor Winthrop, unable to induce professionals to the Colony, sought advice from English apothecaries and physicians, and added to his small store of imported drugs those derived from plants native to New England. In his home (about 1640), he made available as best he could the “art and mystery” of the apothecary for his citizens.

2 thoughts on “18 – The Governor who Healed the Sick”

  1. How much is the value of this pint, who is the creator please if someone give me any clue.
    The governor who healed the sick.


    1. As the article indicates, the images were created by artist Robert Thom. I have no idea if the small lithographs in the Parke Davis book have monetary value. The originals certainly would. I believe the rights are held by the University of Wisconsin’s history of pharmacy program.


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