Documents are the heart of any historical archive. Here we feature a variety of declarations from our collection. For until shared, a document is but a mere sheet of paper.

3 thoughts on “Declarations”

  1. Hi Joe,

    I found your wonderful website while researching my Okonek surname. A Franz Okonek arrived from Prussia June 1866 on the vessel Hyram, the same vessel as your Hanneman ancestors.

    My Okonek line settled in Minnesota, but there is an Okonek line that settled in Wisconsin. To date, I have been unable to connect the two families.

    My emigrant ancestor Casmir, according to his obituary, lived in Pennsylvania, then on to Chicago just after the fire, and on to Minnesota. Two of his sons were born in Cook County, Illinois.

    I have traced Casmir back in Polish records to the 1700s and his brother’s arrival in the U.S. to the Port of New York in 1868 aboard the vessel Jenny.

    Based on all your research, have you run across the Okonek surname? A cousin, also researching our family, has concluded that our Casmir arrived in Canada and came down from Canada by seaway to Chicago in a similar fashion to your family, which is different than my information.

    My current draft introduction is very similar to yours, so I can understand your frustration and elation at finally finding the records:

    “The actual port of arrival in North America has yet to be determined for the Okonek ancestors. Available indexed records from both Canada and the United States have been searched including passenger lists and border crossing records. In the future, these records will again be searched along with unindexed passenger and border crossing lists. It is known and documented that Casmir;s brother Paul arrived at the port of New York in 1868.”
    Joe, I would appreciate your thoughts when you have time. Thanking you in advance.
    (Note: Born in Minnesota, I grew up in Superior, Wisconsin, and still own a house there. I get back regularly.)

    Lois Marie O’Konek (Okonek is the original spelling)


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