Last Photo of Chas. Hanneman

Carl Frederick Christian Hanneman (1866-1932) sits on the porch of his home at Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., in 1931 or 1932. Hanneman, who went by the name Charles, emigrated from Meesow, Pomerania to Portage County, Wis., in 1882. He left the family farm around 1905 and began employment in the paper mills of the Consolidated Water, Power & Paper Co. in Wisconsin Rapids. The son of farmers, he married Rosine Bertha Henrietta Ostermann in April 1891. He worked at the Consolidated Water, Paper & Power Co. as a laborer. He died in October 1932 from prostate cancer, and was survived by four sons: Arthur John, Frank Herman, Wilbert George and Carl Henry Frank Hanneman.

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