36 – Development of Chemotherapy

One of the successful researchers in the development of new chemical compounds specifically created to fight disease-causing organisms in the body was the French pharmacist, Ernest Francois Auguste Fourneau (1872-1949), who for 30 years headed chemical laboratories in the world-renowned Institut Pasteur, in Paris. His early work with bismuth and arsenic compounds advanced the treatment of syphilis. He broke the German secret of a specific for sleeping sickness; paved the way for the life-saving sulfonamide compounds; and from his laboratories came the first group of chemicals having recognized antihistaminic properties. His work led other investigators to broad fields of chemotherapeutic research.

2 thoughts on “36 – Development of Chemotherapy”

  1. Hello,
    ERNEST Fourneau is my Great gran Father,

    Is it possible to get a copié of this archive ?

    Best Agathe Fourneau Guichard


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