Color Splash Your Photo Library

Treasured Lives

Some of the most memorable images in our archive are old black-and-white photographs that were hand tinted to add color to parts of or the entire photo. Color film eliminated the novelty of that practice. Today we can do the process in reverse to create special, stunning images from even ordinary color prints.

A couple of years ago, I created a hardcover photo book for my three children, made up largely of black-and-white images with the color “repainted” onto key parts of the subject. This is made refreshingly simple with a very affordable app called ColorStrokes from Macphun Software. Available for iPad, iPhone and the Mac, ColorStrokes makes it fun and easy to “color splash” your photos. You can use the native color of the photos, or create new colors and apply them to the images.

ColorStrokes basically converts your color images to monochrome, then allows you to paint the…

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4 thoughts on “Color Splash Your Photo Library”

      1. Hi Joe, I want to introduce myself. I grew up in Mauston right next door to your grandparents. I am part of the “May” family. The Hanneman kids called my mom “mama May”. I am about the same age as Janie and Mary Ellen and used to play with them when they would come visit every summer. My brother Dan hung out with Tom (“Tommy Don”).

        I have wonderful memories of your grandparents. My favorite is Ruby calling out “You Hoo Alvina” (my mom) and my mom would come to her kitchen window and they would visit (aka gossip :)) for quite awhile.

        Also, on our birthdays, Ruby would bring over a birthday card always containing two sticks of gum. I was telling my sister (Joanie) about finding your site and she remembers Ruby’s dog “Bubbles”.

        Anyway, it was fun going through your archives, seeing pictures and bringing up old memories. Thank you so much!

        “Marie May”…. I have since married and now go by Maggie Watson


      2. Hello Maggie,

        How great to hear from you! I have very fond memories of your mother. Dad always stopped over with us when we would visit the Hanneman house. I will contact you via email, since I have photos that might be of interest to you. I also recall the birthday cards with Juicy Fruit gum, or quarters taped inside. I recently found a birthday card from Carl to my mother from 1980 with a $5 check in it. She never cashed it, knowing he had little money. I have a few photos of Bubbles in my library. I seem to recall Lavonne calling her “Bubbles Twinkles.” Every time I go near Mauston I drive by 22 Morris and wish I had the money to buy that old house.


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